Kristen Ashley + Denver, Colorado = Drool Worthy Badass Book Boyfriends.

I want to tell you about what Kristen Ashley taught me about Denver, Colorado.

  1. Hot men come in bunches. Like a gaggle of geese or a school of fish. “Did you see that bunch of men?”  You can also use the word guys instead of men. Either works.
  2. I want to live in Kristen Ashley’s version of Denver, Colorado.

Her writing style is great. Some books feel more like you are just watching what happens with the character. Her books really make me feel like I am in the story and could relate with the characters and what they are feeling. There weren’t pages and pages of inner dialogue that had me skimming the book looking for some action. There is Action, Comedy, Humor, Drama, and, of course, Romance (and all the facets that romance entails).

I started with the Book 4 of the Dream Man series because well…this explains it best. I am just going to list the books in order that they started being published. (What? Sometimes I color inside the lines!)

The first is the Rock Chick Series. This series is about Nightingale Investigations and the men that work with him. I would say for him but not all of them do. We do get introduced to the men featured in the next series though! Currently, there are 7 books released. Each book is about the men saving their woman from whatever her problem is. The problem is always dangerous. Life or death. But the Hot Bunch protects their own.  *dreamy sigh*

Rock Chick Series

The next is the Dream Man Series. The book titles say it all: Mystery Man, Wild Man, Law Man and Motorcycle Man. Maybe the titles make more sense once you’ve read them? Read them and let me know!

Dream Man Series

I LOVED this one. I couldn’t get enough! I started with Tack then went to the beginning and read Tack again…and again…and again. In case it isn’t clear: I love Tack. I have reread the others multiple times as well just not as much as Motorcycle Man.

These men… I just don’t even know where to begin. They are all so hot. They have scary jobs and/or pasts. I love the way they are with their women. I loved being there for it all.

Last, but never least, is the Chaos Series. This series just started so only 1 book is out… Own the Wind.

This book starts up after Tack’s Story in Motorcycle Man and spans over a few years. Just in case you forgot from the  beginning of this post to now… thisIt is a series about the men in a Motorcycle club. You can’t go wrong reading this one. Heck, you can’t go wrong reading this one multiple times. That is if you can ever get past reading Tack’s book. It will be tough but it is worth it. Tack does make an appearance in this book if you need more incentive to read it.

The next series of hers I will start on is Colorado Mountain,

The Colorado Mountain Series takes place in two fictional Colorado towns situated close to each other, Gnaw Bone and Carnal. This series originally followed the story of six men, but after consideration, the author decided to add two more books to this series, focusing on Deke Hightower and Jacob Decker.
The Colorado Mountains gives us a look into the lives of Holden Maxwell, Tate Jackson, Ty Walker, Chace Keaton, Graham Reece, Deke Hightower and Jacob Decker. The author also considers writing a seventh book circulating the life of Wood.

Please go check out her web site here or her Goodreads link here. Follow her on Twitter here. You are truly missing out if you don’t give this author a go.

If you are a reader like me, your TBR list is getting totally out of control. Never you worry. Reading is a good addiction.


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