eBuddies and Book Obsessions

Book Friends

We all know that the internet can be a dark and scary place. Full of insults being thrown about by complete morons.

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You have to tread carefully if you plan on spending any amount of time on the interwebs. I have managed to find many great friends. I am very lucky. I have friends that I met when playing a couple of MMO games that I have known for years.

I also have my book reading friends. These friends read the same books I read so I can talk about them and they actually care! I read a book series by J.R. Ward called the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I then found an RP group on Facebook dedicated to the series. (There are others but I find this group is the best.)

I digress. This is about friends not my fictional boyfriends obsession.

The majority of books I read are romance. Like 98%. Anyone that reads these knows what goes on in them. This can lead to very… interesting… conversations. (See first picture). Ladies, you know who you are.

What is so great about having people that read the same amazing books you do? Being able to talk about it! It totally blows to finish the most amazing book or book series and then just looking around the room and thinking, “Now What?” That happened to me when I read the Fever Seres by Karen Marie Moning. I stumbled upon the series when book 1 was free on Kindle.  There are a lot of duds in the free books but I have found a few good ones. This series was AMAZEBALLS. (Yup. I just said that.) I read book 1 then devoured books 2 and 3 and 4 as fast as I could buy them. Only to find out I had to wait for book 5 (My feelings when I realized this: NOOOO WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!?!?!) My husband didn’t understand. He still doesn’t. Luckily, by then, I had found out a RL friend of mine from high school (She moved away so we didn’t really talk much but good ‘ol Facebook fixed that) also loved the series and was waiting for the last book also. That was my first taste of having a person to talk books with. It felt pretty damn good. She introduced me to the BDB as well as Dante Valentine. It was good but the BDB series stole my heart.

After joining the Original BDB group on Facebook, I was able to get my fix with their story lines while I waited for new books to be released. I think that must be what methadone is like for addicts. Maybe that was a little overboard but I want you do know how into the series I am.

What I am trying to get at with all this rambling is finding friends online that share the same interests as you is so great. It starts out as just talking about books but then it turns into an actual friendship. Meeting people in real life can be difficult for some people. I am one of those people. I am painfully shy and quiet until I get to know a person. Then you need to look out cause I have a couple of loose screws. (Don’t tell anyone this or nobody will want to be my friend. Our secret.)  It is also easier to talk about things when you aren’t face to face with a person. You don’t have to look a person in the eye as they judge you and your decisions/actions.

One of the best parts of having online friends is it is no big deal if you just walk away from them for hours in the middle of a conversation. It is perfectly acceptable. I can’t just go take a nap if I have actual company at my house. I like my naps when I am able to get one. Online conversations pick up where they left off even if days had gone by.

On that note…


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