What have romance books taught you?

HD-Pictures-of-Books-5Most romance books have the same theme:

  • Girl meets boy.
  • They like each other.
  • Something in one (or both) of their past haunts them.
  • They have to break through emotional walls and/or deal with an ex.

Aside from that what basic things have you learned? I will start.
1. The perfect man for you will have a big… um… package. (Yes – bold, underlined and italicized.)
2. Said man knows exactly how to please his woman because, before meeting The One, he got PLENTY of practice in. The girl, however, can count past partners on one hand – with fingers left over. There is a good chance she is still in possession of her V-card.
3. This man can also read your mind and give perfect gifts or say exactly the right thing at exactly the right time.
4. He is completely overbearing. The girl may not give any type of attention whatsoever (unless given permission) to any other man without a fight ensuing. (This seems to be okay because of #1 and #2.)
5. He will never give another woman the time of day. No matter how much cleavage she shoves in his face. (At least there are no double standards with the attention)

Am I missing anything? Maybe you prefer to focus on deeper aspects of the stories? Please leave a comment to add to my list!


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