Review: The Rocker That Needs Me (The Rocker #3) by Terri Anne Browning

The Demon…

I’ve been fighting my own demons for most of my life. The alcohol seems to numb the pain, but it never makes the nightmares go away. All I want in life is a little peace. When I met my angel it felt like I found it, but there is so much standing between us. Why does she have to be so young…?

The Demon’s Angel…

Meeting Drake was the best thing to ever happen to me. I found my friend, my soul mate. But he lets my age stand between us. There is something that haunts him, and I selfishly want to be the one that helps him conquer his ghosts. If he would just let me in, let me closer, I think I could help him…

This is book 3 of The Rocker series.

Truth time. I stayed up until almost 5am reading this book. I finished it. I loved it. With that said, I am writing this review on very little sleep. Very. Little. Go easy on me.

Drake is 31 and Lana is 18. The age difference is only an issue when Drake thinks she is too young to feel for him as strongly as he feels for her.

Hello, Miscommunication, fancy meeting you here. You are a real tool, you know that? Jog on!

If  you read the first 2 books then you know that Drake has a drinking problem. A get blackout drunk to escape from his demons drunk. He can do or say anything in these blackout times and he won’t remember a single thing. This gives him ample opportunity to do something that can seriously hurt the ones he loves. This does not look good for Drake and Lana.

Do you see where I am going with this?

A rift is created.

A huge one.

A three thousand mile wide rift between two people that love each other.

How does anyone close such a rift? Easy. Close the distance, right? Hmm… maybe not so easy.

You gotta read to find out!

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