-OVER-Giveaway: Kindle Paperwhite by BTSeMag!

Wicked Warriors Halloween Hop

“This October, we will be giving away a GRAND PRIZE of a Kindle Paperwhite for the “Wicked Warriors Halloween” blog hop, plus 5 autographed copies of Unbound. Authors, we invite you to join us and help sponsor this great hop. We are asking for donations of funds for the grand prize or gift card if the winner is international, along with the donation of your books if you are an author to go on the E-Reader or the international gift-packages. There is going to be ONE winner for the E-reader, plus 5 winners for autographed signed copies of Unbound. The e-reader will come with a digital copy.

We are also looking to spotlight Angela’s Book!  If interested, please fill out this form.”

BTSeMag  and Angela Knight are giving away 1 Kindle Paperwhite and 5 autographed copies of Unbound (Shifters Unbound #4.5)!


One thought on “-OVER-Giveaway: Kindle Paperwhite by BTSeMag!

  1. I luv your books. I luv to read. Whoot whoot. I luv it when authors get involved with their readers. Even tho I have never won anything, I still luv it.


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