Interview: Primula Bond (@PrimulaBond)

The Silver ChainBio: Oxford educated mother of three boys masquerading as respectable pillar of society but harbouring secret ambition to be considered a MILF. Writer of freelance features on single motherhood, older parenthood, MS and erotica. Published erotica author of ‘Country Pleasures’ ‘Club Creme’ and ‘Behind the Curtain’ for Black Lace; ‘Random Acts of Lust’ and ‘Out of Focus’ for Xcite Books’; and ‘Sisters in Sin’ for Mischief. First part of trilogy ‘The Silver Chain’ out in August 2013 for Mischief/Avon.

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I was lucky enough to read both of these books before they were released. The intensity of the bond between Gustav and Serena has me hooked on this trilogy.

Book two in the Unbreakable Trilogy, The Golden Locket, is out November 21, 2013 on e-readers everywhere!

The Golden Locket is available for pre-order on: Kindle / Nook / Kobo / iTunes / Google Play

This is my very first author interview so without further ado…


  • Before we get to the question I just want to say that I read your blog post about your parents and old ‘friends’ looking down on your writing. Romance and erotica is my genre of choice so thank goodness you don’t listen to their hogwash! Sex is always going to be a part of romance whether in a book or in real life. 

                   Thanks for your robust support, Carrie! It always means so much. Writers, no matter how much they publish, can still be pretty fragile when it comes to being criticised! And yes, I very much hold on to both the erotic and the romantic in my trilogy, especially towards the end of the third book…

  • Do you put any of your own likes/dislikes into your characters? i.e.: Food, photography, voyeurism?

                Viz likes and dislikes, yes, I love using my characters as an excuse to harp on about my own interests such as photography, food and travel. Serena is an enhanced version of what I was like at that age, or how I would have liked to have been, and my other characters are usually much better photographers, cooks and travellers than I am! My more colourful, adventurous characters are also useful vehicles for experiencing some of the more outrageous practices that I may or may not have tried, or may or may not be good at! But I try to be accurate in my description of an activity or interest, because beady eyed readers can always spot inaccuracies.  As for dislikes, those tend to be more character traits such as jealousy, manipulation, deception, and those are all heaped on the shoulders of the ‘bad guys’ in the stories.

  • You said you were asked by Harper Collins to write this trilogy. Did you already have Gustav and Serena in your mind?

                Only in shadowy outline. In fact Gustav started off as a vampire and Serena was going to be his earthly, red-blooded morsel. All similarities to Twilight characters were going to end there! So while that initial idea wasn’t suitable it sowed the seed at least of the physical characteristics. Gustav’s sinister dark looks were the basis for his complicated past. As for Serena, as I say, she’s a kind of enhanced version of me, so she was always semi-formed in my head. Starting the story on Halloween night gave me all sorts of opportunity to paint a picture of the characters and play with the idea of masks, costumes and illusions. After all, we all hold something back when we first meet someone, especially if we think they could overpower us if we don’t keep our mystique!

  • Did you travel to New York when you wrote The Golden Locket?

                My dream is one day to be rich/famous enough to travel for research purposes, but actually I based their journey and experiences in New York on two great holidays I’ve had in the last   four years, once alone with my husband at Valentine’s, and once for New Year’s with our kids, and I absolutely loved it. I am longing to go back in spring or summer, because it was DASHED cold when I was there!

  • Can you tell us if Pierre will ever have his own story?

                I’ve been asked that before, which is a great question as it means he has already piqued people’s interest. What I can say without giving too much away is that he is very much in the forefront of The Golden Locket and directly or indirectly creates mayhem, so it may be that his back story, and his current motivations, are more than explored in this second book to satisfy readers’ curiosity.  I am obviously hoping that my readers will fall for him, as they have for Gustav, even though in some ways he is Gustav’s ‘shadow side’.  However, ask me again at the end of this trilogy and if people are still panting for more of Pierre, well, I’m always happy to oblige!

  • Will you do any of their story in Gustav’s POV? I would love to know what he is thinking and feeling. 

                 I have wrestled with this idea for the third book because I can see why readers would   welcome the occasional shift of viewpoint, but on balance I feel that having got this far without his innermost thoughts, it would be difficult structurally and I think jar with the flow  of the narrative suddenly to interpose his thoughts. If you think about it, we are all to a certain extent inside ourselves, looking out. I am incredibly close to my husband, and all the  world can see how much we love each other, but I will never look out through his   eyes… and that’s how it is with Serena. She’s me, she’s the reader, seeing, hearing, smelling, touching our lovers who are nevertheless separate beings. What I have done, and really hope  it communicates to the reader, is try to make Gustav come alive physically and emotionally through Serena’s eyes, especially as their relationship is tested to the limit in both Books 2  and 3, and ultimately reaches the heights of intensity and romance. I have also tried to show  how he gives more and more of himself, becomes more relaxed and open, as the books progress.

I want to thank Primula for doing this interview with me. Thanks!


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