Interview with Matthew Sky from Night Owl

Okay, we have all read Night Owl and we can’t stop talking about it, thinking about it, and maybe even rereading *ahem* certain parts of it over and over. I managed to tear Matt away from Hannah for a few moments to ask him some questions.

Without further ado…

1.      Why the pen name and why go to such lengths – with the NDA – to protect your identity?

My privacy is very important to me. Nine in ten authors want to be recognized for their work. They want the book tours, the signings, the readings, the accolades. I just don’t. I can’t write in the public eye, and I don’t do well with crowds. I want to write and I want to have a normal life apart from that. Is that too much to ask?

And really, I don’t owe the fans a face and a name. I give them my whole heart in every book I write. That’s me in my books – that’s all of me. If that’s not enough, I’m sorry.

 2.      You made lists to help you feel in control. Now that your identity is common knowledge (no thanks to she-who-will-not-be-named), do you still make lists?

 Yes, I make lists on a fairly regular basis. Just last week I made a new list. It was titled SEX ALL WEEKEND.

 3.      Nate seems like a really great brother and he cares for you a lot. We didn’t get to meet Seth in Night Owl. Will we meet him in book two?

 Oh, you’ll meet him alright. That son of a bitch…

 4.      Do you think your insistence to keep your writing relationship with Hannah anonymous made your desire for her more intense?

 Mm, probably. I probably shot myself in the foot with that one. When she accidentally sent her picture… it was such a violation of my wishes, and… I was angry, you know? But passions in their extreme feel quite similar. I was angry, I was aroused… both to an incredible degree. And because I never wanted to know her, I think I… inadvertently made myself very curious about her. It became something else then… and I couldn’t stay away. Knowing that I ought to stay away only made me want her more.

 5.      What do you think would have happened had Hannah not moved?

Maybe nothing. Beth would have come back from Brazil and life would have resumed as usual. Somehow, though, I doubt that. More likely… I would have conspired to meet Hannah… somehow. Once I saw her picture, once she had a face… I became so powerfully curious about her. And I always push things to the limit.

Not to make this interview too serious, I want to ask some random questions.

6.      Chocolate or Vanilla?

 Vanilla, except in bed.

7.      3D movies: Yes or No?

 No, fuck that shit. I’m not wearing those stupid glasses.

8.      Book or eReader?


9.      Twitter or Facebook?

 The hell with that shit.

10.   Marvel or DC?

 I don’t read fucking comics.

Thank you for answering my questions, Matt! ♥

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If you say, “No, that is Kellan not Matt.” You just have to learn to share. M. Pierce has spoken.

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One thought on “Interview with Matthew Sky from Night Owl

  1. Haha! I was thinking that was Kellan but the pic above is EXACTLY how I pictured Matt soooo…
    Great Interview! I LOVED LOVED LOVED Night Owl and cannot wait for the second book!
    And I don’t read “fucking” comics either, lol
    Matt is such a smug bastard 😉


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