Review: Angels in Leather (Rebels On Bikes #1) by Bella Jewel


A girl on the run.

Her father gave her one task before he died. To deliver a package.
Now she has the baddest biker in the state after her.

He wants what she’s got.

Secrets in both the past and the present threaten to destroy what she is working so hard for.

He threatens to ruin her heart.

Two worlds will collide to make something explosive.

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My Review

I received an ARC for an honest review.

You should know by now I have a Biker Book Addiction. I need a support group. Not to ‘cure’ myself but to find and suggest new Biker Books. This would be one I would suggest.

Meadow knew Axel when she was a young girl. They were friends even though he was older than her. Axel disappeared for a time and when he came back he was different and they were no longer friends.

Meadow is back and forth in her feelings for him throughout this book. I found myself feeling the same things towards him as I read. I would like him and then I wanted to slap him. MEN!

The other members of the MC were all good guys but still acted like bikers at club parties. I always wonder how I would react in that type of situation…

Anyways, I have enjoyed every Bella Jewel book I have read so far and I will continue to read her books.

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