Review: Promise Me by Tara Fox Hall [@TerrorFoxHall]


When young widow Sarelle McGarran finds the vampire Danial Racklan unconscious and hurt in her woods, intuitive concern quickly becomes passionate love.

Together Danial and Sar work to overcome their own past heartbreaks, their vastly different lifestyles, and Danial’s relentless enemies.

Yet Danial needs more; an Oath of forever. But can Sar give Danial his greatest desire?

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My Review

I received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

I have a confession: I was in a bit of a reading slump. I had just finished a book that I was depressed to give it 3 stars and didn’t know what to start reading next. I went through my list of books to read and decided on this one. It was just what I needed!

Every time something big happened in the story, I would look down at the bottom of my Kindle screen thinking the book was almost over. Every time I was way off.

I liked that. I liked that a lot.

When the book did inevitably end, I was surprised. I did that thing where I keep tapping the screen thinking it was stuck for some reason and needed to do a reset. Nope. I was at the end. Dang it.

Danial is hot but he is leery of Sar because it is present day and vampires have groupies. I found that amusing. (It’s funny cause it’s true!)

Sar finds herself suddenly immersed in the world of paranormal. She is pretty calm about it. I’m not sure I would be. She also sticks to her guns about what she wants for herself. I like that about her.

I don’t normally start reading a series when it has so many books already published in it but I am for this one.

Sar came to a decision right when the book ended. I need to read on to find out what happens next.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Promise Me by Tara Fox Hall [@TerrorFoxHall]

  1. Of COURSE I want to comment , Carrie – Thanks for the AWESOME Review! 🙂 I was so excited to find this in my inbox this am! I’m thrilled you like my series and really appreciate you taking the time to read my work! I too find starting a long series daunting, so thanks for taking a chance on me 🙂


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