ARC Review: The Diamond Ring by Primula Bond

The Diamond Ring cover

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*The final part in the sensuous and addictive Unbreakable Trilogy.*

Sex. Love. Betrayal. And a very dramatic climax… The Unbreakable Trilogy reaches its unforgettable conclusion. A must-read for fans of erotic romance.

“You don’t know how beautiful you are, Serena. That’s the danger.”

Engaged to be married, life should be blissful for Gustav and Serena. It should be a time of happiness; a time to plan their wedding and their future together.

But the ghosts of Gustav’s past have returned to haunt him, and one in particular casts a dangerous shadow over their relationship.

Margot, Gustav’s bitter and twisted ex-wife, is determined to destroy everything that Gustav holds dear. Starting with Serena…

From the glamour of Paris to the exotic wilds of Morocco, The Diamond Ring will take you on a sensual, sexy journey like no other – with a finale you won’t forget.

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These books are so different from the typical romance. It seems there is influx MC and Rock Star books. This is nothing like those and it is a refreshing change.

Serena is a young photographer and Gustav is an older man that helps her make a name for herself with her work. Additionally, he helps her break away from her past and live life. She gets to travel all over doing jobs for Gustav’s influential rich friends.

So much is going on with this story. There are so many facets of this story. It had me constantly thinking and questioning everyone’s actions. New people were being introduced (because of her photography) throughout that I didn’t know who to trust. Some people seemed to be everywhere Serena was.

Everything comes to a head in this book finally and wow what an ending! This is my favorite of the trilogy. It was almost like a sexy spy novel.


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