ARC Review: Reward of Three by Kelly Jamieson

Reward Of Three cover

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Sometimes the darkest nights produce the brightest stars.

When the pregnancy test turns positive, Kassidy, Dag and Chris are thrilled they’re going to be parents at last. Their polyamorous relationship has blossomed, and there’s more than enough love to go around for their long-awaited little “Belly Bean”.

Then reality sets in. Dag grew up without a father. Does that mean he’s too damaged to be a good role model? Kassidy is at a critical point in her career, working long hours on a high-profile project. And Chris gets a disappointing—but not exactly unexpected—reaction when he contacts his parents with the news.

As worry nibbles at the edges of their happiness, fate is poised to tear it to shreds, leaving a loving foundation three years in the making cracking under the weight of grief and guilt. And the trio in the fight of their lives to repair their unconventional bonds.

Warning: Our sexy threesome is back for their happy ending. Keep extra tissues on hand for tears, a fan on standby for hot sex, and a post-it note to remind you to take a deep breath. It’s time to find out if the juice is really worth the squeeze.

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I read this book in a couple of hours. I don’t know what I find so alluring about polyamorous relationships (the thought of dealing with TWO guys in real life on a daily basis… *full body shudder*) but I lurve ’em!

This book shows the difficulties of having this type of relationship. Not everyone is open-minded (unfortunately) so showing affection, for example, in public could be an issue.

Not only that, but we see them struggle over something that could cause ANY relationship to suffer. I might have cried a wee bit.

Even thought I zoomed through this book, it didn’t feel rushed. This is book three so they are already in love. I don’t care for books where people meet, have sex – with zero personal conversation – and then are in love so I feel it is important to say when a story isn’t rushed.


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Rule of Three (Rule of Three #1)

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Rhythm of Three (Rule of Three #2)

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Reward of Three (Rule of Three #3)

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Kelly Jamieson writes romances with heat that’s sweet. Her writing has been described as “emotionally complex”, “sweet and satisfying” and “blisteringly sexy”. If she can stop herself from reading or writing, she loves to cook. She has shelves of cookbooks that she reads at length. She also enjoys gardening in the summer, and in the winter she likes to read gardening magazines and seed catalogues (there might be a theme here…) She also loves shopping, especially for clothes and shoes. But her family takes precedence over everything else (yes, even writing). She has two teenage children who are the best kids in the world, not that she’s biased, and a wonderful husband who does loads of laundry while she plays on the computer writing stories.

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